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dictbig.zip Large word dictionary 322K Unzipped
norm&r.zip Same as dictbig.zip + all entries reversed 644K Unzipped
oneup&r.zip Same as norm&r.zip with first leter uppercase 644K Unzipped
allup&r.zip Same as norm&r.zip except everything is uppercase 644K Unzipped
names.zip Very large list of names 228K Unzipped
ASSurnames.zip List of Sur Names .7K zipped
Antworth.zip 249K zipped
Congress.zip Congress Names & words 2K zipped
Dosref.zip Dos Refrence words 2K zipped
Family-Names.zip Family Names 46K zipped
Given-Names.zip List of Given Names 23K zipped
Jargon.zip List of words taken from the Jaron file 32K zipped
Unabr.dict.zip Words from Unabridged dictionary 689K zipped
actor-givenname.zip Actor's given names 25K zipped
actor-surname.zip Actor Sur-Names 60K zipped
afr_dbf.zip 424K zipped
chinese.zip Chinese words 1K zipped
cis-givennames.zip 28K zipped
cis-surname.zip 127K zipped
common-passwords.zip List of most common passwords 2K zipped
crl-names.zip 144K zipped
dic-0294.zip Really BIG Dictionary list! 3283K zipped
etc-hosts.zip Host names 45K zipped
female-names.zip List of female names 12K zipped
givennames-ol.zip 13K zipped
kjbible.zip List of words and names from the King James Bible 37K zipped
language-list.zip Language list 6K zipped
male-names.zip List of male names 10K zipped
movi-characters.zip List of movie character names 81K zipped
other-names.zip Misc names 18K zipped
oz.zip Yes OZ 6K zipped
d8.zip Very very good all around word list. Covers a lot 750K Unzipped





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